• Choosing a hybrid cloud provider

    Hybrid cloud attracts companies craving flexibility and control. Signing with the wrong provider, though, will leave you begging for a loophole.

  • Egnyte CEO downplays competition with Dropbox

    Egnyte, often considered the Dropbox for the enterprise, has a lot more to offer small and medium enterprises, including a "local cloud" that can live on any machine.

  • What are cloud databases all about?

    Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround, a cloud database company, explains what these services do, who is using them and what's coming from Xeround in the near future.

  • ScaleXtreme CEO discusses systems management for the cloud

    Existing systems management software from CA, BMC, IBM, HP and others have their fair share of problems, namely that they are unable to manage both private and public cloud-based servers.

  • Engine Yard CEO discusses future of PaaS

    Enterprises are making the leap to Platform as a Service for application development, and some are confident that all applications will eventually be developed on PaaS.

  • The latest on Intel in the cloud

    Intel's latest advancements in the cloud include an OpenStack implementation and engineered Memcache, but the company is also harnessing its focus on the enterprise.

  • Addressing and improving cloud performance issues

    Performance issues in the cloud can cause a lot of pain for IT pros, but some providers are beginning to address this by acknowledging the issues at hand and finding ways to improve.

  • Even the White House wants a cloud

    It seems everyone wants a piece of the cloud lately, and the U.S. government has pulled together a team of cloud advisors to assist them in figuring out how to best use the cloud.

  • Cloud data storage services grow up

    Though cloud storage's awkward phase lasted longer than expected, it's now starting to win over IT pros' hearts. New advancements are making cloud storage more desirable for enterprise.

  • Zynga CTO of infrastructure shares cloud lessons

    Zynga, a popular social gaming company, is using both Amazon Web Services and its own Z-Cloud to power its customers' game experiences.

  • VMware CTO explains vSphere 5 licensing changes

    The release of vSphere 5 has users talking, especially about the licensing and pricing changes, but Citrix is still trying to steal the spotlight with its acquisition of

  • Service providers dominate cloud business

    Service providers are ruling the cloud market, taking the attention away from big vendors like Amazon. But what does this shift mean for other players in the cloud market?

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