• VMware CTO explains vSphere 5 licensing changes

    The release of vSphere 5 has users talking, especially about the licensing and pricing changes, but Citrix is still trying to steal the spotlight with its acquisition of

  • Service providers dominate cloud business

    Service providers are ruling the cloud market, taking the attention away from big vendors like Amazon. But what does this shift mean for other players in the cloud market?

  • Hadoop's run into enterprise cloud

    Free enterprise cloud software from Hadoop is causing a lot of buzz in the market, and the economics of the public cloud are leading customers to more mid-sized cloud providers.

  • Open source's influence on enterprise cloud

    Enterprises have been lagging in adopting cloud computing, but open source is progressively making it more attractive for enterprise users to make the jump into the cloud.

  • and OpenStack code will merge

    The CMO of says that moving to the cloud will continue to entice IT pros long after the cool factor wears off, especially when and OpenStack's code merge together.

  • Gluster CEO discusses best cloud storage options

    The future of scale-out storage and cloud storage gateways and appliances is constantly changing. Find out what the CEO of Gluster has to say about cloud’s long term market trends.

  • CloudSwitch co-founder shares insight on market trends

    Enterprise IT interest in cloud continues to grow, and a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud is attracting more users. The co-founder of CloudSwitch came by to talk about the market's future.

  • Citrix's cloud strengths and weaknesses

    As Citrix Synergy raged on in San Francisco, Citrix Technology Professional Rick Dehlinger stopped by to discuss the company's overarching cloud computing strategy.

  • VMware vs. Red Hat: Whose PaaS will rule?

    Issac Roth, PaaS Master at Red Hat, claims the software company's operational expertise supporting Linux servers around the world give it a leg up on VMware when it comes to running a cloud service.

  • Verizon bails on Cloud Cover TV interview

    Verizon's chief cloud strategist didn't show up for an interview at Interop this week; the chief architect for cloud services declined to answer questions. What's up with the telco's cloud?

  • Joyent CEO pokes holes in Amazon's cloud

    Joyent CEO and co-founder David Young stops by to discuss battling Amazon in the public cloud and why he thinks Amazon's cloud architecture is flawed.

  • Open source guru Marten Mickos dissects Amazon outage

    Marten Mickos, CEO of cloud platform software maker Eucalyptus, sits down with Jo Maitland to discuss the recent Amazon Web Services outage and how it will affect cloud computing.

  • Cloud storage startup CEO analyzes the future of cloud

    The founder and CEO of cloud storage startup Nasuni offers his two cents on the future of cloud storage and the companies that will end up ruling the cloud computing market.

  • Who will rule the cloud computing market?

    Carl Brooks sits down with the CEO of cloud storage startup Nasuni to discuss where the cloud computing market is headed and which public cloud providers will end up out in front.

  • Explaining how cloud works in the real world

    Carl Brooks analyzes the recent cloud reference architecture from NIST and examines the future of cloud benchmarks.

  • The nuts and bolts of cloud security

    Davi Ottenheimer of security consulting firm Flying Penguin discusses best cloud protection practices in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

  • Randy Bias dumps on enterprise clouds

    Randy Bias, CTO and co-founder of Cloudscaling, discusses why he thinks enterprise clouds are doomed to fail.

  • Microsoft unveils new cloud project

    Microsoft unveiled Project Concero, a new cloud-based System Center feature, at its Management Summit 2011.

  • How will HP get to the cloud?

    HP wants to dominate cloud, but right now it has zero footprint in the market. Who might HP acquire to catch up?

  • Ten minutes with 10 cloud startups

    At Cloud Connect, we interviewed 10 cloud startups in 10 minutes. Each company got one minute to explain what their product is and why enterprise IT shops should care.

  • IBM and VCE pitch private clouds

    It's private cloud and more private cloud as we discuss IBM's ingenious work integrating Tivoli and VMware, along with the pros and cons of VCE for private cloud.

  • Desktops in the cloud? Not yet

    Desktop computing analyst and blogger Brian Madden shares his view on desktops migrating to the cloud. Find out why your desktops are staying right where they are.